Washaman Laundry Service

Washaman Laundry Service

We all know this scenario too well in our Homes…..Household Clothes all piled up for Wash Man day, your Wash Man is a No-show! You don’t want to take that huge pile to the Dry Cleaners, because charging per unit will simply be too expensive! Not anymore, Laundry House, due to high demand now has a WashAMan Laundry & Pressing Service for Bulk Orders. We will collect, wash, press and deliver your items and blow your mind with our prices!


  • PayFirst, Pocket Friendly, No-frills, Wash, Press, Fold/Hang; Batch Packaging
  • Basic Washing and Pressing (garments suitable for wet cleaning only)
  • Batch Packaging (multiple garments will be neatly packaged together)
  • All Garments folded (some may be on hangers)
  • Prepaid Service Only
  • Booking a pick up
  • Customer Service Desk available 8am-5pm Mon-Sat

Service Exclusions (These are however available under our Dry Clean PRO and Value Clean Services)

  • No Professional Stain Removal
  • Tailoring & Repairs – additional charges will apply
  • Garments recommended for Professional Dry Cleaning or Special Cleaning are excluded
  • Express Services not available
  • Delicate Garments and High Value Garments are excluded
  • Curtains, Upholstery, Cushions, pillows, Stuffed Toys, Rugs, Carpets are excluded
  • LHC Reserves the Right not to accept certain items and garments under this service